McDonalds Milo McFlurry Review

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McDonalds Milo McFlurry Review

So who agrees we need the McDonalds Milo McFlurry to be in Australia now!

What is better than Milo hot or cold, but added to ice cream is next level, now add it to a soft serve and you are not only next level, you are out of this world!

You know you can imagine it the delicious soft creamy icecream of a McFlurry with the chocolate malty topping of the famous milo covering it, making it a desert fit for a king, this is the McDonalds Milo McFlurry!

The Milo Mcflurry is a thing, but sadly the only place available is in Malaysia, yes Malaysia!

We have done the hard work and have had it, and OMG!! This is a must bring to the menu in Australia and around the world, what are you waiting for McDoanalds, why are you teasing us with your McFlurry goodness!

We spoke to Mcdonalds only to get sad, sad sad news;

“We don’t currently have plans to introduce a Milo McFlurry in Australia. However, we have a number of new and exciting flavours coming to the McFlurry range this year,”

So the next time you go into Mcdonalds make sure you demand justice and tell them we want the Milo McFlurry and we want it now!

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